On the 27th June 2019, several classes had the privilege of meeting Ma Sibongile MKHWANAZI, Milton MZOBE and Lucky MAZIBUKO who travelled the long way from South-Africa to Luxembourg to tell us about their projects with their partner organisation IMBASA from Luxembourg.


Lucky Mazibuko fights for the rights of people who are HIV positive, like himself, but don’t have easy access to treatments. To catch the attention of the government, Lucky refused to take medication for several years.

Ma, which is the African word for mother, is Lucky's mother. She has her own 'crèche' where she takes care of about 350 children. Some of them are HIV positive or have lost their parents and Ma tries to create a familiar environment for them.

Milton has his own fire-fighters organisation, in which they are fighting shack fires. Shacks are very tiny houses which are built next to each other. Their organisation helps educate those people who live there and show them how to act if there’s a fire with the help of fire extinguishers. The fires are a big problem in South Africa because of the absence of electricity, so people make fires to heat themselves up in winter or to get some light.

It was a great day sharing a lot of experiences and getting new points of views. Our guests showed us the good and bad sides of South Africa. The students were very happy to experience a great opportunity to learn more about African culture. To thank them for sharing their experience and for their lovely attitude towards us, the students of the 3CG donated a small amount of money to support their organisations, from a bake sale at the ALR.

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